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Welcome to my site. I’m so glad you’re here. Look around, enjoy the video clips, check out my book, and visit often! In recent years I’ve witnessed an increase in the number of people passionate about authentically connecting to their purpose and reason for existence. They clamor to discover why they are here, not wanting to waste their talents and abilities to merely exist, but to uncover the secrets to living purposefully on a mission, exercising empathy, while nurturing their growth as an individual and living their life to help overs as a servant leader. I hope to help ignite within you a passion in joining others to create a movement to move from “I” to “We” thinking through servant leadership and creating value for others. I believe we’ve been entrusted by a higher purpose to steward this world using our gifts and talents to do His will. In the very act of loving, giving, and serving, I believe we experience our power, purpose and joy. I live in this passion. Though I’m as imperfect as the next person, I speak and write of this higher power who loves us unconditionally and longs to transform our lives from worthless to precious, hungry to satisfied, from merely existing to becoming world changers.

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